Scout SV - The British Army's Smart-Tank of the Future
The new 'telescope' cannon will be fitted to the Scout SV, the vehicle billed as the UK's smart-tank of the future. IBTimes UK

Global military hardware firm General Dynamics is bringing some 250 new jobs to Wales after the government awarded it a £390m ($606m, €552m) contract to maintain the next generation of armoured vehicles, says prime minister David Cameron.

The 589 versatile new Scout Specialist Vehicles (SV) – part of a £3.5bn contract – destined to be the "eyes and ears" of the British Army on the battlefields of the future, will be assembled at General Dynamics in Oakdale, south Wales, where they were originally designed. Assembly, integration and testing used to be done overseas.

"Today's decision by General Dynamics to bring the assembly of these world-class armoured vehicles to south Wales is to the credit of the skills and expertise in the local area," said Cameron Thursday 23 July.

The government also recently announced 515 'telescope' cannons for the light tanks at the cost of £150m.

The latest contract will extend servicing for them to 2024.

The vehicles are designed to provide intelligence gathering, target acquisition, and defence capabilities and will be key to UK ground forces moving forward.

"The Welsh manufacturing sector is going from strength to strength," said Stephen Crabb, secretary of state for Wales, "and I am delighted that we have been able to work with General Dynamics to make this deal happen."