Natalie Christopher, a 35-year-old Oxford-educated British astrophysicist, went missing on Monday morning. She was holidaying at the Aegean Island of Ikaria with her Cypriot partner.

On Monday morning, her partner claims to have woken up with her missing from their hotel room. Upon calling her phone, Christopher answered and informed him that she was out running. When she failed to return, the police were alerted.

Investigation has revealed spots of blood on the pillow and sheets of the hotel room. The partner told police that it was due to Christopher's nosebleed the night before she went missing. The police has sent the evidence for testing to verify his claims.

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8 July 2017: A full moon rises over the Temple of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the seas, in Cape Sounion, east of Athens, Greece Costas Baltas/Reuters

At the same time, a maid working at the hotel told the Greek media that she had found sheets covering the sofa, indicating that the couple slept separately that night.

Christopher's phone signal is being relied upon to trace her whereabouts.

The couple had arrived on the island on Saturday and were planning to return to their home in Cyprus on Monday. Christopher is noted for her work in the field of astrophysics as well as for founding an organisation called Cyprus Girls Can that encourages girls to be involved in sports. Christopher is highly athletic and is an experience trail runner, hence leaving her friends and family baffled.