A British couple, who had quit their jobs during the Covid-19 induced lockdown, have claimed that they now make £10,000 per month through their OnlyFans account.

The couple, who hail from Bristol, have an account called "Tee and Miks," and they dress as Tarzan and Jane to make thousands of pounds. The characters are based on Disney's 1999 animated film.

Terri Martin, 29, and her husband Michael Martin, 32, now work as a team to create content for their OnlyFans account. Initially, it was just Terri Martin who had joined the platform after quitting her job as a shop assistant.

Her husband joined the platform much later after he got "jealous" of his wife's antics. The pair eventually decided to pose for pictures together, and they usually dress up in neon underwear, a Tarzan and Jane costume, and according to what their fans desire.

"I was getting a bit annoyed at first as she was on her phone all the time and would spend a lot of time doing it all. I didn't have a clue about OnlyFans before I joined it," said the husband.

He further said: "Terri started getting loads of likes on her page and she told me that people started asking for pictures of us together. At first I kept saying no but then when Sarah (Terri) and I spoke about it I decided to do it."

The couple charges £12.99 per person, per month, and £124.70 for a year's subscription for the content they publish on their account. In an interview on YorkshireLive, the husband said that one of their followers buys 30 pictures from them every week.

He says that even though they get a lot of support from their admirers, they also get a lot of hate online. Terri Martin's mother calls her new job an "act of prostitution," he claims.

OnlyFans is a website known for its racy content, which gained popularity during the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. The British company claims that it has millions of content creators who earn money from their videos and photos.

Valery Lopez poses for pictures during a photoshoot to make content for her OnlyFans profile, in Caracas, Venezuela, on December 1, 2020 Photo: AFP / Cristian HERNANDEZ