british soldier
The serving British soldier reported to have left the country to fight Islamic State has been found Getty

A British soldier who reportedly left his base to join Kurdish fighters in their fight against the Islamic State (Isis) has been found.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon confirmed the unnamed 19-year-old soldier is being returned to his unit after travelling to northern Iraq to join Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in their battle against the Islamic extremist group.

The solider went to northern Iraq via Dubai after telling his parents he wanted to help the Peshmerga.

One text message read: "I've gone to join the Kurds in Syria and Iraq. I'm with other British people and a Canadian at the moment.

"I don't know how to explain it to you but I really want and need to do this and I will be safe."

The army confirmed he never officially went awol as he was on leave at the time.

The soldier joined the army when he was 16 and was reported to have been learning Arabic.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: "We can confirm that the soldier is with members of his regiment and returning to his unit."