hot air balloon crash
The woman was on holiday with her family at the time of the accident Hartbeespoort Emergency Rescue Unit

A British woman has died after falling out of a hot air balloon while on a South African safari holiday with her family. Susan Astle, 48, died from her injuries after falling around 20ft out of the basket after a gust of wind flipped it over before the balloon crashed in Mooinooi.

Astle, who was on the balloon with her husband and two children, was taken to a hospital in Rustenburg but died of her injures.

A four-year-girl and her mother also suffered serious injuries after getting blown out of the basket. All those involved in the crash were part of a group of around 15 who took the balloon ride from Skeerpoort.

Loanne Louw, spokesperson for the Hartbeespoort Emergency Rescue Service, told Kormorant: "According to information on the scene it seems that the balloon had almost landed when it encountered an unexpected wind force. It allegedly bounced off the ground a few times before it hit a tree."

One of the those who survived the incident, Olivia Denny, 70, told the Sun: "The wind swept us away. It felt like driving backwards in a car at 40km/h.

"We were dragged through bushes and rocks before we landed between two trees. We had to hold on for dear life."

The hot air balloon trip was organised by a company run by fellow Brit Bill Harrop. He said he is now co-operating with police and authorities following the death of Astle. He added in a statement: "An adult and child were also injured when the routine flight encountered unexpected winds on landing.

"Twelve other passengers, including the pilot, were aboard the early morning flight near Hartbeespoort.

"We wish to extend our deepest condolences to those aboard our flight and their families. We are cooperating with the authorities and are conducting our own investigation as to the cause of the accident."