A replica of part of the bunker where Adolf Hitler spent the final days of the Second World War has gone on show in Berlin. The Nazi leader moved into the subterranean complex on 16 January 1945, and he was later joined by Eva Braun, Martin Bormann and Joseph Goebbels. At the end of April – as Soviet troops were mere blocks away from the bunker – Hitler and Braun got married and then both committed suicide.

Adolf Hitler bunker Berlin
A replica of Adolf Hitler's office inside the bunker Tobias Schwarz/AFP

The display is being held inside a former air-raid shelter some two kilometres from the site of the real bunker, which was destroyed after the war. The Berlin Story Bunker features a full-scale recreation of Hitler's study and a 1:25 scale model of the entire underground complex. The replica can only be seen on a guided tour, beginning in a shelter that was meant for 3,500 people and by the war's end housed 12,000.

Adolf Hitler bunker Berlin
Adolf Hitler bunker Berlin
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A 1:25 scale model of Hitler's bunker. Swipe over the image to reveal the function of each room

The project hasn't been universally welcomed. A spokesperson for the nearby Topography of Terror museum, which documents Nazi crimes, criticised the display as showmanship. However, curator Wieland Giebel said the Berlin Story Bunker isn't staging a "Hitler show".