Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine aired the final episode of season 3 on 19 April

Fox's cop-comedy aired the final episode of season 3 titled Greg And Larry on 19 April. The cliffhanger finale was less like the usual Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, and was rather a series of perfectly-timed comic moments.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

However, it did not lack the element of suspense with a season ending twist – Jake and Holt ended up in a witness protection programme in Florida – leaving viewers anxious about what will happen when the show returns next season.

The action-packed comedy is known to drop a major character as each season nears its end – Jake went undercover at the end of season 1 and Wunch reassigned Holt while wrapping the next season. Season 3, however, dropped a major bomb as both Jake and Holt have been tucked thousands of miles away, under the feigned name of "Greg and Larry".

That's not all from the season finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the thrilling episode also featured Bob Anderson [played by Dennis Haysbert], another FBI agent and an old friend of Holt, who last appeared in the Bureau, holding Holt at gunpoint. While the Nine-Nine squad along with their carefree detective Jake ended up combating the "9-1-1" situation and criminals like Anderson and Jimmy "the Butcher" Figgis, the ending suggests a possible change of location as well.

Meanwhile, Dan Goor the co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the shocking ending, "It's always very difficult to come up with a season-ending twist or cliffhanger, obviously, and we wanted to do something that we'd never done before,"

Surely the sudden change from action to "blue skies" and "pink flamingos" of Florida where Greg and Larry are living anonymous lives – lawn watering, newspaper picking neighbours – reminds one of the Goodfellas. The showrunner, however, had a different take on this, "It was coincidence with that. Once it was pitched, we all were like, 'Oh, Goodfellashad that'."

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