Noel Clarke reprises his role as 'reformed' thug Sam Peel in upcoming sequel Brotherhood, but what has his character been through so far? Lionsgate

The third instalment in Noel Clarke's Kidulthood series arrives in UK cinemas tomorrow (29 August) and in anticipation of the British drama being shown in cinemas, IBTimes UK have recappedall that happened in the previous films in order to get you up to speed. Considering that Brotherhood is being labelled as 'the end' in the series and there's likely to be some loose-ends addressed in the movie... it only makes sense...


Kidulthood poster
Sense8's Aml Ameen starred as protagonist Trife in the 2006 film, Kidulthood Revolver Entertainment

Set in West London in 2002, Kidulthood centres around a group of 15-year-olds who have been given the day off-school when one of their fellow students hangs herself. While they should be mourning, Trevor (Aml Ameen) – known as 'Trife' – and his friends Jay (Adam Deacon) and Moony (Femi Oyeniran) decide to spend the day drinking and amped-up, and break into the house of local bully Sam (Clarke) in order to take back a Game Boy he stole from there earlier.

While doing so, the boys are ambushed by Sam, but they overpower him by hitting him with a keyboard. On their way out, the trio push Sam's mother to the ground – something that acts as motivation for Sam's revenge later on in the movie.

Meanwhile, Trife's on/off girlfriend Alisa realises that she is pregnant and tells him but he's reluctant to embrace the idea as he believes that the baby could be Sam's – something Alisa reassures Trife isn't true, and he later tells her he loves her.

As all of the teens get ready for a party that evening, Trife goes to visit his Uncle Curtis (Cornell John) and sees that the deceased girl's brother Lenny (Rafe Spall) is there too. Trife tells Curtis that he wants to work for him to which his relative leads him down into the basement where a man is being tortured for not keeping up with his drug money payments. Curtis forces Trife to cut the man's face with a Stanley knife, which he does reluctantly.

At the party, Sam arrives and beats Trife up with a baseball bat and things escalate even further when Lenny shows up with a gun, with the intention of killing Sam for sending his sister over the edge. Just as he is about to carry out his vengeance, Sam stops and asks for a reason why he shouldn't kill him, to which Trife uses his last breath to shout "because he isn't worth it". Lenny gets back into his car and drives away, as. Trife dies before the ambulance and police arrive.


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In the second film, Adulthood, Sam became the focal character Pathé Pictures International

Set six years after the first film, a reformed Sam has been released from prison after serving time for killing Trife. Shortly after he gets out, he goes to Trife's grave but his visit is cut short when he's attacked by Trife's cousin. Despite beating him in the fight, Trife's cousin claims that Sam won't survive the night as there are several people out to kill him.

Desperate to find out who's after him, Sam seeks out Moony, who is now at university, for answers. Moony reveals he's also changed his ways and doesn't know anything, while also warning Sam to stay away from Jay as he has changed too but not for the better.

Jay is then seen dealing drugs and receiving a call from Sam's cemetery attacker, informing him that the latter is out. Upon hearing the news, Jay gets hold of a gun from some of Curtis' old associates and eventually convinces one of the younger workers to murder Sam for £6,000 – insisting that they don't look at their victim's face as they do it.

Adam Deacon in Adulthood
Adam Deacon as Jay in Adulthood Pathé Pictures International / YouTube

Later, when the two jump Sam, one of the hit-men named Omen, demands to see Sam's face, which causes them to realise that it is Omen's brother who they've been tasked to kill. Unable to go through with it, Sam gets away. Realising what is happening, Sam calls the police and leads them to an armed robbery (in the building that he is just entering). As the police arrive, it becomes clear that Sam is holding Curtis and two of his partners at gunpoint, but he manages to escape while the others get arrested.

On the way home, Sam is attacked by Jay, who holds him at gunpoint but Sam manages to best him. During the confrontation Sam realises that Jay is just like he was six years ago and cannot bring himself to commit murder. Safe in the knowledge that Jay is not really dangerous, he leaves the fight.

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