Two brothers have been arrested in northern Italy on suspicion of robbing at least 20 cash machines, protecting their identity by wearing masks depicting US President Donald Trump.

Vittorio and Ivan Laforè, aged 27 and 31, were arrested in Avigliana, in Piemonte region, on Monday (24 June), local media reported.

It is believed the two suspects, of Sinti descent, used the same technique – known as "marmotta" – every time they robbed a cash machine, by planting an explosive device in the cash dispenser and then causing a blast, La Stampa newspaper reported.

Authorities released footage showing one of the suspects, wearing a Trump mask, blinding a CCTV camera in a bank lobby and planting an explosive device in a cash machine.

On at least two occasions, the two brothers managed to pull off a heist worth at least €100,000.

Authorities, who have been tracking the suspects for months, said the brothers were inspired by the the 1997 film The Jackal, which sees the protagonist, played by Bruce Willis, changed the colour of his car to deceive police.

The two brothers had painted their white Mercedes black, police explained.

The suspects are the sons of Pietro Dellagaren, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of businessman Umberto Masera during an armed robbery at Masera's house in 2001.