brussels attack suspect
Brussels police have issued a wanted notice for this man, suspected of involvement in attacks at Brussels airport

An international manhunt has been launched by Belgian police for a man suspected of involvement in multiple suicide bombings at Brussels airport. A picture of the suspect released by police shows a man in a dark hat with a light jacket, pushing a trolley.

He is believed to be involved in multiple bombings in the departure lounge of Zaventem Airport. Two explosions, that went off at around 8am local time on 22 March, caused the partial collapse of the ceiling and created widespread damage. At least 14 people were killed and 92 more injured.

About an hour later, at the peak of rush hour, a bomb exploded on a packed subway train at the Maalbeek station, near the EU headquarters. It left more than 20 passengers dead and scores wounded, sparking chaotic scenes in the area with people running for shelter.

Another picture of three suspects was issued hours after the attacks, with authorities fearing that there "were still people on the run". It showed two men in dark clothing pushing trolleys – suspected of being the airport suicide bombers – with the man wearing a hat following just behind. This third suspect is now the focus of an international manhunt and is believed to be at large.

Islamic State (Isis) has already claimed responsibility for the attacks. The jihadi group said its militants targeted the Belgian capital's airport and a central metro station with "explosive belts".

Suspect in Zaventem airport attack
Surveillance camera footage allegedly of three suspects linked to the attack on the airport in Zaventem, close to Belgium's capital Brussels, has emerged. Twitter