brussels attacks
A woman consoles her children at a street memorial following the bomb attacks in Brussels Vincent Kessler/ Reuters

After major attacks in Brussels people will be looking to find out if friends and relatives in the area are safe and unharmed. On Tuesday, the Belgian authorities told people to use messaging apps and landlines to connect with loved ones as the mobile networks were saturated with those making calls.

If you are having trouble contacting someone in Brussels, here are the best places to get in touch with:

Foreign and Commonwealth Office –The FCO has given out a number for anyone affected or concerned to call: +44 207 008 0000

The FCO has also given out travel advice recommending that people stay vigilant while there are on-going police operations and to follow the instructions of Belgian authorities.

Belgian Crisis Center – For people calling from outside of Belgium, the Belgian crisis centre has given the number +3278151771 but has said that people should try and contact those they are worried about through social media first.

Brussels Airport – The airport in Zaventem was the first site of attack when two explosions went off on Tuesday morning. The airport mentioned that Facebook's safety check was now active but that people can call +32 2 753 73 00 if they still have questions about family or friends at the airport.

Local hospitals treating the injured:

University Hospital Leuven – Website: Phone: +32 16 33 22 11

Clinique Saint-Jean – Website: Phone: +32 22219111

Saint-Pierre University Hospital – Website: Phone: +32(0)2 506 71 41 (The international patients' service).