Breaking Bad
The One Who Knocks, The Danger, Walter White. AMC

Bryan Cranston has dropped a hint about the potential return of hit TV show Breaking Bad.

Warning: The following contains major spoilers from the finale episode of Breaking Bad.

Speaking to CNN, the actor best known for portraying chemistry teacher-turned-meth cook Walter White toyed with the idea that his character survived the last-ever episode's climactic Nazi slaughter.

"Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything. Or say... you know," he said with a smile. "Never say never."

Was he being serious? Could Breaking Bad return? No and no. He was playing with news reporter Ashleigh Banfield and subsequently every news outlet under the sun has decided to speculate.

Breaking Bad ended, Walter White died, it's over.

That is except for a cameo appearance in spin-off prequel series Better Call Saul, which concerns Bob Odenkirk's seedy criminal lawyer Saul Goodman before he gets dragged into Heisenberg's dark empire.

Jonathan Banks is confirmed to return as Mike Ehrmantraut in a recurring role, while both Cranston and co-star Aaron Paul have expressed an interest in popping up somewhere.

So while we may see Walter White again, we won't see him bald, cooking meth or resurrected by meth scientists as some kind of robo-cook. Actually, that sounds pretty ace...