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Theresa May
The prime minister Theresa May leaves Downing Street on 6 December. Reuters

Theresa May has started a reshuffle of her cabinet as part of a bid to rebalance her top team amid a series of resignations in 2017.

It is expected that the top members of the cabinet, including Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson, will remain in their posts, while others in the middle-ranking positions could be moved.

With the second stage of Brexit negotiations set to begin this month, the prime minister is looking for a strong and united team after a tumultuous 2017 which saw her career threatened at several stages.

It is her first major reshuffle since the 2017 general election which saw the Conservative Party lose their parliamentary majority.

  • James Brokenshire is the first confirmed change, leaving his Northern Ireland post due to ill-health.
  • It is reported that Jeremy Hunt and Chris Grayling could be set for portfolio changes.
  • Patrick McLoughlin confirms that he has quit as Conservative chairman
  • Brandon Lewis has been named as the new party chair
  • Priti Patel, Michael Fallon and Damian Green were all forced to resign from the cabinet in recent months.

This concludes our coverage of Theresa May's reshuffle on 8 January. It is fair to say the day has not been as eventful as many expected. There was an hour or two this afternoon when it looked like Jeremy Hunt might be moving on from health but he walked out of Number 10 having added "Social Care" to his ministerial title.

We'll be back tomorrow, when it is anticipated that a cadre of young Tory MPs might get their first government appointments.

James Brokenshire's replacement for Northern Ireland is Karen Bradley

David Gauke has moved sideways from the department for work and pensions to the ministry for justice.

Jeremy Hunt will remain in his role of health secretary but with the added position of social care.

He was in talks at Downing Street for more than an hour and came amid speculation that he could be moved.

Health minister Philip Dunne has "paid tribute" to Jeremy Hunt for his work as health secretary.

Hunt has been in Downing Street for more than a hour, no word yet as to if he will see a change in portfolio.

James Brokenshire who announced his resignation earlier today has tweeted his thanks to his supporters.

He stepped down from his role as Northern Ireland secretary after finding out that he was suffering from a lesion on the lung.

Sajid Javid has been given a slightly new role in the cabinet.

Javid had been in charge of communities and local government, but now housing has been added to his title.

Boris Johnson Conservative party conference speech
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivers his keynote speech on day three of the annual Conservative Party conference on October 3, 2017 in Manchester, England. The Foreign Secretary gave his speech amid continued speculation of cabinet unrest and the leadership fragility of Theresa May Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Boris Johnson will remain in his role of foreign secretary.

David Davis will remain as Brexit secretary.

Davis had a rough 2017 in which he was leading negotiations with the EU with bitter disagreements over the divorce bill, citizens rights and the Irish border.

In 2018, Davis is faced with the monumental trade deal that needs to be drawn up.

Philip Hammond
Philip Hammond leaves Downing Street on his way to deliver his budget statement to parliament on 22 November. Reuters

Downing Street confirms that Philip Hammond will continue in his role as chancellor.

Latest reshuffle news-

-David Lidington moved to Cabinet Office
-Amber Rudd stays as Home Secretary
-Brandon Lewis new Tory Party chairman after Sir Patrick McLoughlin quits
-James Cleverly new party deputy chairman
-James Brokenshire resigns as NI Sec over health concerns

Downing Street also confirms that Amber Rudd will remain in her role as Home Secretary.

David Lidington named as the new Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister of the Cabinet.

Lidington had been the justice secretary, and his replacement will end up as the third in the role in less than a year.

Justice secretary David Lidington and the home secretary Abmber Rudd have both entered Downing Street.

James Cleverly MP has been named as the new Conservative party deputy chairman.

Confirmed reshuffle news:


Brandon Lewis has been promoted to chairman of the Conservative party


Patrick McLoughlin has resigned as chairman of the Conservative party

James Brokenshire has resigned as Northern Ireland secretary

Brandon Lewis has been confirmed as the new chair of the Conservative Party.

Downing Street revealed that he will officially becomes Minister without Portfolio and Conservative Party Chair.

Although previously an immigration minister, this is Lewis' first step up the cabinet.

After a busy first hour, particularly over the confusion surrounding Christ Grayling, the events in Whitehall have appeared to take a short pause.

Following James Brokenshire's resignation as Northern Ireland secretary, it has been revealed that this was due to a lesion that has been found on his lung.

Conservative Party Conference
Chairman of the Conservative Party Patrick McLoughlin delivers the opening speech on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference 2016 at the ICC Birmingham Carl Court/ Getty Images

Patrick McLoughlin has confirmed that he is no longer the chairman of the Conservative party, telling reporters that after eight years in cabinet, he had had a "very good run."

McLoughlin has been an MP since the 1980s and was first appointed as a minister by Margaret Thatcher.

Joining Brandon Lewis at the top of the party is set to be James Cleverly.

Currently a backbencher, he looks likely to be made deputy chairman of the Tories.

The Sun are reporting that former immigration minister Brandon Lewis has been named as the new chairman of the Conservative party.

He replaces Sir Patrick McLoughlin who had been in the role since July 2016.

The Conservatives announced on their Twitter feed their the current transport secretary had been made the new Tory chairman, but this tweet has since been deleted.

James Brokenshire

The first change that has been announced is that James Brokenshire has resigned from his Northern Ireland posting due to ill-health.