A car chase in Los Angeles, California, ended on 18 January with police scrambling to capture six dogs as some darted from the suspect's car onto the freeway. The incident began after the driver failed to stop for California Highway Patrol officers in Orange County, local media said.

The suspect maintained speeds of around 80mph before slowing down to about 30mph on the freeway shoulder in Long Beach. That's when her car, a late-model Mercedes, was reportedly spun out by police. But when the woman emerged from the vehicle, barefoot and smoking a cigarette, the officers' job became much more complicated. At least three of the six dogs seen peering from the car window quickly bolted onto the blocked freeway, forcing a fresh chase.

After some struggles, the officers managed to corral the pooches both inside and outside the car. The suspect was taken into custody and all six dogs were handed over to animal care services in Long Beach.