A camouflaged camera trap
A camouflaged camera trap Getty

Students from Virginia Tech University were trying to capture pictures of the state's wildlife but what they ended up with instead was quite surprising. When they went back to check on whether any animals had set off the camera traps they had set up, they instead found pictures of a man, undressed, running on all fours in front of the lens.

As reported by Motherboard, the student who downloaded the pictures told Professor Marcella J. Kelly that there were some "really weird" pictures on the data cards. Kelly posted two of the pictures to twitter, adding that she chose not to post the clearer images.

She told the site that though sometimes people will make funny faces at a camera trap they find, it's "pretty unusual that someone will take off all of their clothes". Saying that, Motherboard pointed out that a number of other scientists replied to Kelly's tweet with their own flasher stories.

One reply said that they had "caught one couple strolling through the woods we entitled 'Adam and Eve' #nsfw". Another said they had caught footage of a man in only a thong destroying their camera.

The scientist suggested the two may be of the same species.