The Manchester Derby is yet to happen this season at the English Premier League. However, off the pitch, the battle has already begun. In the budget duel, Manchester City has outplayed its neighbours and rivals, Manchester United. Man City's squad is currently valued at $2.1 billion, which is equivalent to £1.15 billion. The Red Devils are indeed looking short on spending as compared to their rivals in blue, with their market value being $1.1 Billion or £644.6 Million.

According to Fox Sports, Man City is currently the most valuable team in terms of their budget in the latest Premier League season. Second to them is Liverpool, with an expense record of $1.7 Billion or £959.1 Million, followed by Tottenham. The Spurs have a budget of $1.5 Billion or £881.5 Million.

The defending Premier League champions are way ahead of their counterparts and they lead the table. They are the only English club to have crossed the $2 billion mark in terms of spending.

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Earlier this year, City triumphed over United in terms of the club's overall economic value. Currently, Man City is the highest valued club playing in the English Premier League. In terms of performance, the Red Devils are yet to meet the success that the Men in Blue are enjoying lately.

The previous season proved to be pathetic from a Man United fan's point of view while City fans had solid reasons to celebrate. In 2018-19, the Red Devils finished sixth with 66 points; 32 less than that of the eventual champions, City. The champions ended with two points short of a hundred.

So far, City has started its 2019-20 campaign on a positive note. Pep Guardiola's men have not lost a match and as we speak, they have already emerged victorious in 3 of their first 4 League games.

As of now, the top two spots in the Premier League table seems to have gone upside down. The defending champions are in second place while the former runners-up, Liverpool, are leading the table with a 100% win record.

With so much spending on the cards, Guardiola's team would be hoping for a hat-trick of Premier League titles. They have already won back to back trophies in 20117-18, and 2018-19. Now, the biggest question is whether they can repeat the feat this year with a strong budget to back them up?