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Mid-July discovery of a couple's dead bodies followed by that of a man sparked a massive manhunt in British Columbia. Investigations by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police concluded that the murderers were two local teenage boys.

Lucas Fowler, an Australian national, and his American partner Chynna Deese were the first two victims. A lecturer at the University of British Columbia, Leonard Dyck, was the third victim.

The suspects, Kam McLeod, 19, and Bryer Schmegelsky, 18, were spotted close to where the couple's body was found. Later a burned-out truck belonging to one of the teens was recovered from close to the body of their third victim. On July 23, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced that the two teens were the prime suspects in the two murder cases.

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While the search for the teens continued, the scale of the manhunt had been minimised by the beginning of August. However, on August 2 a damaged rowboat found on the Nelson River reignited the search for the culprits. Dive teams were deployed to do an underwater search. Several items belonging to the duo had washed up along the shores of Nelson River.

On August 7 two young male bodies washed up a few miles from where the belongings of the teens were found. The RCMP have announced that the bodies belong to McLeod and Schmegelsky. An autopsy report is being waited upon for the confirmation of the identity of the bodies.

During their bid to escape the teens had used a vehicle belonging to one of the teens which they had to abandon. Surviving in the Canadian wilderness is not akin to a well-orchestrated Man vs. Wild episode. Harsh terrain, wild animals and lack of shelter make it difficult for anyone to survive without a vehicle. Once the teens were unable to find a car to continue their journey, they most likely found a boat which they thought they could steal. Unable to control the boat the teens must have managed to crash the boat losing their belongings and their lives.

Having taken the lives of three people, McLeod and Schmegelsky met a horrible death out in the Canadian wilderness.