Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: Civil War trailer description leaked online Marvel

Description for Captain America Civil War trailer which was set to air at Disney's D23 expo has leaked online.

A Reddit user posted the full description online, stating that the trailer opens with General Thunderbolt Ross talking about the Registration Act, then shows a military team rappelling down a building.

The scene cuts to a snowy forest and we see someone's arm being injected. Close ups of Black Widow, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch War Machine fighting Wanda are shown, according to the report.

General Ross says "You either sign yourself over or this is your last stand!" We hear Captain America "We won't stand for this!" Then Iron Man says "Then let's fight! We see a skyscraper explode Captain America and Iron Man fight in a baseball field. We see Bucky hanging onto a helicopter. Black Widow and Falcon fighting. We see Black Panther fight Captain America. Close up of Crossbones.

The footage will mark the debut of Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Marvel's upcoming movies.

The trailer also shows a closeup of someone's legs walking, most possibly that of the villain Baron Zemo. Daniel Brühl, who plays Baron Helmut Zemo in the movie, says "You think your world can survive?" "Let's find out" says Spider-Man. We see a close up of Spider-Man fighting Baron Zemo in a fast fighting montage.

Vision destroys a helicopter. Hawkeye zip lining between buildings Ant-Man punches Vision. We see Crossbones and Captain America fight. "Everything you fought for will come crumbling down" says General Ross. We see Martin Freemans characters driving a car Iron Man shoots Captain America We see Spider-Man swinging through buildings, Iron Man Punches Captain America Shield Cuts to the logo Captain America: Civil War.

Umberto Gonzalez from claims that the trailer description could be true as "the skyscraper bit falls in line with what I reported about the inciting international incident that triggers the alienation between the Avengers."

With D23 just a few days away, we will find out if the trailer is real or fake. Captain America: Civil War will be a part of Disney's event D23 Expo 2015, which will be held from August 14-16 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The movie will hit theatres on 6 May 2016.