Police and protesters have clashed on the streets of Paris after groups of demonstrators marched against police brutality following the alleged rape of a young black man in police custody.

The 22-year-old man claims he was beaten and sodomised with a police baton and subjected to racial slurs, during an ID check in the Paris suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois on 2 February.

Following a medical examination, a doctor confirmed the man had suffered "a longitudinal wound in the anal canal" and "a section of the sphincter muscle".

And in a one of a number of protests that has taken place since the attack, a demonstration outside the courthouse in the Paris suburb of Bobigny turned violent.

Police fired tear gas as a small group of people set a car on fire and threw objects at officers, as unrest over the alleged attack continues.

On 8 February, a second night of protests saw at least 250 people congregated in the French capital, near the underground station of Ménilmontant.

Between 300-400 people also participated at a solidarity rally in Nantes, and another 200 demonstrated in Rennes.

Protesters showed anger towards the authorities, chanting "We all hate the police", scrawling "Cops, rapists, murders" on the walls, Le Parisien reported.

One officer has been charged with aggravated rape following the incident, and the other three officers with aggravated assault, according to a statement from the French Interior Minister seen by NY Daily News.

The alleged victim, identified only as Theo, has asked for an end to the violence. Speaking to French news station BFMTV he said: " I would like to ask the residents of my neighborhood to calm down.

"I ask them to stop the hostilities because I love my city, and I want to find it the way I left it."