David, the grieving father of Caroline Crouch, said he would have shot her husband Babis Anagnostopoulos had he known from the start that he killed his daughter.

The 78-year-old retired oil executive said his grief turned to fury when he learned that the cops had confronted the Greek pilot during the memorial with evidence to prove he murdered his wife. He said he only found out about it later, and had he known sooner, he would not have hesitated to kill him. David said he does not care what happens to him afterward as long as Anagnostopoulos pays for what he did to Caroline.

"When I found out later, my one regret was that I hadn't known when he was here. I would have blown his f***ing lying head right off his shoulders and willingly taken the consequences," he said according to The Sun.

David said he and his wife only learned about their daughter's death on May 11 from neighbors in Alonissos, an island in Greece. He said that moment shocked him to the core and that he will never forget how he felt then. Calling it "the worst day of my life," he described the feeling "as if an icy hand had reached inside my chest and gripped my heart."

Talking about the 33-year-old accused, David said he believes there is "some foundation" to rumours that Anagnostopoulos has drug smuggling connections. He said Caroline had a strong "sense of right and wrong" and would have left him had she known that her husband was involved.

The Greek helicopter pilot is now in Korydallos prison, where he is said to be mourning the death of his wife. He confessed to Caroline's murder after police authorities belied his initial alibi that three home intruders killed his wife and their pet dog.

Anagnostopoulos said he smothered his wife to death with a pillow while their daughter Lydia was in the room. He then killed the dog, hung it, and then tied and gagged himself as if to show that the robbers had done the deed.

Anagnostopoulos has since been stripped of his parental rights and Caroline's parents have been granted custody of Lydia. They plan to raise her in Alonissos, where they said their daughter was loved by everyone. The Greek pilot's parents, on the other hand, are allowed to see their granddaughter five days a month only between 10 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. but only in the island.

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CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS / @CSI?cafe. Photo by: Yumi Kimura from Yokohama, JAPAN, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons Yumi Kimura/Wikimedia Commons