Downing Street insiders are furious at the "vicious and cowardly" attacks on Prime Minister Boris Johnson's fiancée Carrie Symonds. There are allegations that she wants to be the "new Princess Diana". Senior aide of Johnson, Dominic Cummings who was man behind Brexit, was ousted from his high profile job.

His departure from office on Friday came after a bitter fight with Carrie Symonds and her allies. This was the same time was supposedly nicknamed 'Princess Nut Nuts.'

It all started over the appointment of Boris Johnson's new spokeswoman Allegra Stratton and whether long-term Cummings ally Lee Cain should be promoted to Chief of Staff.

Symonds who is a former head of press for the Conservative Party – reportedly texts and calls Johnson several times a day to advise him on policy decisions, it has been alleged.

According to reports, tensions were heightened in Downing Street when Johnson became aware of 'hostile texts' briefing against his fiancée, which had been forwarded to her.

There have also been warnings that the departure of the key aides marks the "beginning of the end" for Johnson. A source told Daily Mail: "You can smell it. It's the end of days. It's a story as old as time. The Mad Queen destroys the court." However, allies of Symonds have insisted she is the victim of sexism.

Meanwhile, Cummings' allies say a "victory party" was held in Downing Street after he left on Friday afternoon. The celebration was supposedly organised by Symonds in the flat in 10 Downing Street where she lives with Johnson. Those still in the building after the day's high drama told the outlet that they could hear the strains of a party coming through the door. Symonds' friends deny there was a "boisterous celebration" as both sides continue to brief against each other.

Johnson will now attempt to reassert control over his government by meeting with concerned Conservative MPs this week. According to The Sunday Times, he will "attempt to get his premiership back on track" by establishing a policy board that will appeal to northern working class voters who helped win last year's general election. The outlet revealed that the group will be chaired by the MP Neil O'Brien.

Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds
The British leader, who took office last summer and then swept to an emphatic victory in the country's December general election, will be the first UK prime minister to wed while in office for 250 years. Photo: AFP / Oli SCARFF