Cars 3
Cars 3, the comedy-sports animation drama, will again have the anthropomorphic stock car Lightning McQueen as the lead Disney Pixar

Anthropomorphic stock rookie car Lightning McQueen is set to accelerate his charm through fans' heart with Cars 3, which is scheduled to premiere in 2017. Disney Pixar's John Lasseter, who directed first two movies and is co-producing the third instalment, has teased an "emotional storyline" ahead of the superhit animation franchises' third movie.

"Lightning McQueen, he's awesome. We've got some great new characters, some great racing in it. It's a very emotional story. It's a little bit more akin to Cars 1, where you get into a deep emotion with him," Lasseter told EW during the Finding Dory blue carpet.

He also hinted that the plot of the third sequel will focus on Lightning's relationship with Doc Hudson (voiced by Paul Newman). The duo shared a great bonding in the first Cars movie. However, Hudson remained missing from the second instalment as Pixar decided not to add another voice artiste for the popular character after the death of Oscar-winning actor Newman in 2008.

But it appears the beloved character will play an important part in the third instalment of the CGI-animated film series. "It's really a special story. It's very emotional and his relationship with Doc Hudson, and his memory of Doc Hudson."

The movie is set to introduce new characters, including Cruz Ramirez, a young Hispanic female race car who will encourage Lightning to regain his competitive spirit.

"Cruz Ramirez is trying to figure out how this old dog can learn some new tricks. Think of where he'd be in his career now in real time. (McQueen) is not an old man, but he's one of the older cars on the circuit with new rookies coming in. People start to wonder and ask when he might retire," director Brian Fee told USA Today.

Fee also teased the plot of the movie, hinting at McQueen's age issues. New rookies in the town will make him look older as he faces retirement questions from his fellow people. It appears Cruz will motivate him to win against his inferior feelings by participating in a race.

Cars 3 will premiere in theaters on 16 June 2017.