An orange tabby cat seems to have survived at least a week with an arrow lodged in his face. Rescuers in West Virginia, USA spotted the cat on Valentine's day. The rescuers could not afford the surgery required to save the animal. The Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA) took over the treatment of the cat and named it "Cupid." Cupid had the arrow removed, and is recovering from the wounds. The organisation is looking for donors to help fund Cupid's treatment.

A sadistic individual shot the cat, which is believed to be a feral cat. After being shot, Cupid is believed to have been surviving in the wild for a week. When he was found by rescuers, he was rushed to an animal hospital.

Doctors at the animal hospital gave the cat some pain medication and informed the rescuers that they could extract the arrow, but the cost of the treatment would be high. The rescuers contacted the AWLA for assistance, and soon Cupid was transferred there.

On Sunday, the organisation shared Cupid's story on their website. Cupid had been transferred to AWLA the day after it was found. On Saturday, the vets at AWLA examined Cupid and decided to operate the next day.

During the surgery, it was discovered that the arrow had miraculously missed important arteries and organs. The arrow had narrowly missed the cat's eye, and had gone through the head and hit the shoulder blade. However, even though the arrow did not hit any vital body parts, the untreated wound has become infected. The infection has spread to the underside of the cat's left arm.

Bolt cutters had to be used to get the arrow out of the cat's body. The doctors cleaned the infected areas, stitched the gaping wounds, and neutered Cupid during the procedure. Being underweight and young makes it difficult for its body to cope with the infection. Two types of antibiotics are being administered post surgery.

The cost of Cupid's treatment is estimated to be around $6,500 (£5,000). AWLA has appealed for donations to fund Cupid's treatment.

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