A cat has had a miraculous recovery after her owner accidentally packed her in a box of DVDs and posted her 260 miles away. Cupcake, a Siamese, managed to get inside the box in Falmouth, Cornwall, before her owner had closed it up.

Not realising that Cupcake was inside, her owner, Julie Baggott, then posted the box 260 miles away to Worthing, West Sussex. Cupcake survived the eight-day journey but was extremely dehydrated and in need of intensive treatment once she was discovered. She was picked up by the RSPCA and taken to Grove Lodge Veterinary Group.

At the vets, Cupcake was scanned and when her microchip was located the vet contacted the owners, who had been searching the local area for Cupcake.

A very happy ending to an extraordinary story, all thanks to a microchip! http://www.grovelodgevets.co.uk/blog/cat-in-the-box

Posted by Grove Lodge Veterinary Group on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Grove Lodge said that the owners were on their way to pick her up and bring her home. They highlighted that it would not have been possible without Cupcake's microchip.

Baggott told the BBC: "When I realised she was missing two weeks ago it was the most horrible, scary feeling... We looked everywhere for her. I feel terrible about what's happened."

Grove Lodge said that Cupcake "seems quite relaxed and unconcerned and is sitting in her kennel in our cat ward waiting for her family. This is probably one of the most extraordinary stories any of us at Grove Lodge Vets has ever heard. The serious side of this incredible journey is that poor Cupcake was extremely dehydrated and has required intensive treatment to ensure she recovers fully."