• Daniel Corneille was jailed for two years at Maidstone Crown Court.
  • Traffic warden was taking photos of his illegally parked car.

Daniel Corneille, 47, will spend two years behind bars after he launched an attack on a traffic warden taking photos of his car on Sheerness High Street, Kent, in January.

CCTV footage shows him march across the road from behind his unsuspecting victim and shove him powerfully into the side of a restaurant.

The impact cracked a bone in the warden's shoulder and he then lay helpless on the pavement only to be taunted and shoved again by Corneille.

"Corneille blamed the incident on 'having a bad day'," said PC Jez Chittim. "But a lot of people have bad days and do not lose control and act in such a violent manner."

"This was an unprovoked attack on the victim who was doing his job and did not deserve to be injured for this."

Corneille was ticketed because his car was blocking paving which was designed to assist blind people when crossing the road. His car was also parked on double yellow lines.

After the attack, he got into his car and drove away. The victim was treated by the ambulance service and later taken to a local hospital where it was confirmed he had a fractured shoulder.

Corneille, of Estuary Road in Sheerness, pleaded guilty to Grievous Bodily Harm at Maidstone Crown Court.

PC Chittim said: "I hope that this sentencing acts as a reminder to others to not behave in the same manner."

Traffic warden attack Daniel Corneille
Daniel Corneille was jailed for two years Kent police