Celebrity fitness trainer Massy Arias
Celebrity fitness trainer Massy Arias Instagram Videograb

Celebrity fitness trainer and CoverGirl ambassador, Massy Arias, was mommy-shamed after a video of her working with her baby, Indira Sarai Williams, strapped to her body went viral.

The LA-based trainer posted the clip on her Instagram page on 25 November with the caption, "21lb weight vest custom made."

In the video, the mother is working out with weights and gym machinery, while the child can be seen strapped on her back with the help of a baby carrier.

Although many of her Instagram followers opined that she was setting the right example for her daughter, some said that she was ignoring the baby's safety.

One fan said, "That is how real women are. Not the stereotype that society want to portrait of a female."

Another admirer added, "I wish I had thought of this when my baby was little enough! You go, girl!"

Criticising Arias's video on Instagram, one of her followers said, "I think you're great but I would rethink your daughter on your back. Too much bouncing for her. Her brain is still developing. Also, does not look comfortable for her and might upset her stomach."

"I really can't understand y cant [people] leave their kids safety aside to workout instead of using them as added weights..." another person said.

Following the mixed reactions from her followers, the trainer wrote in all caps: "I respect your opinion but with all due respect I don't appreciate that from the moment I said I was pregnant, and still today, people are suggesting I'm not the type of mother who will not protect her child."

This is not the first time someone has been trolled for working out with a baby. Earlier this year, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, posted a video of him working out with his toddler in a baby carrier on his back.

The video clip had caused concern among many of his followers.