Animal rights activists are calling for EBI Consulting, an environmental consulting firm in Los Angeles, United States, to fire their Co-Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jeffrey Previte. Surveillance footage from the luxury condominium where the man lives revealed a shocking act of animal abuse. The man was seen strangling and hitting a four-month-old puppy, named Beachy, on August 22. The concierge of the building heard the dog's cries and reported animal abuse. Santa Monica Police Department has also launched an investigation into the incident.

Around 6:55 pm local time the unnamed worker at the Seychelle Condominiums building in Santa Monica, California heard the puppy's cries from the front desk. Worried about the safety of the animal, he reviewed the building's surveillance footage. He was sickened to find the 46-year-old man strangling and beating the yelping animal in his apartment.

Jeffrey Previte caught on video mercilessly choking and slapping dog!!! #savebeachy

— AkoDin1968 (@AkoDin1968) September 10, 2020

The concerned man reported the incident to the building management and informed Jeffery of the report as well. The man, who works at the firm founded by his father Frank Previte, became irate when he was informed of the report.

According to the Daily Mail, Jeffery claimed the concierge was trying to extort money from him using the footage. He did not deny the act of animal abuse, stating that he had not done anything illegal.

The report from the building staff resulted in the building management investigating the incident.

The Santa Monica Police Department also received a complaint. Since the incident, the police department has not been able to track down Jeffrey and Beachy. They will be presenting the case to the District Attorney's Office for consideration of violation 597(a) of the California Penal Code, Malicious Mischief Against an Animal / Animal Cruelty.

PRESS RELEASE: Animal Cruelty Case Update

Based on info gathered, SMPD to present case to District Attoney’s Office for consideration of violation 597(a) of the California Penal Code, Malicious Mischief Against an Animal / Animal Cruelty. Details:

— Santa Monica Police (@SantaMonicaPD) September 11, 2020

Speaking to TMZ, Frank revealed that he was disturbed by the visuals of his son beating the puppy. He said he had spoken to his son but did not reveal details of the exchange. The whereabouts of the avid hunter remain unknown. Worried social media users are using #savebeachy to push for authorities to take action and ensure the safety of the animal.

What kind of human being abuses a 4 month old puppy? @ebiconsulting fire your CEO, Jeffrey Previte and someone rescue that dog! #SaveBeachy @SantaMonicaPD

— lauren saab (@laurensaab3) September 11, 2020

EBI Consulting, which works with clients like Barclays, removed Jeffrey from their "our team" page. They also deactivated their twitter account following the social media backlash.

Richard Cheshire
Surveillance footage captured man abusing dog. (representational image)