A French startup has been introduced at the CES in Las Vegas with a machine that uses individual wine doses to serve the perfect glass of wine, in the perfect conditions to appreciate it – a system similar to the famous Nespresso machine.

The machine as been named D-Vine, and has been created by the startup 10-vins based in Nantes, in France. Using 10cl flasks, the amount of one glass, the machine decants the wine, exactly the same that if it had spent three hours in a carafe, and then pours it through a module that will heat or cool it, depending on the wine you want to drink. The whole process happens in less than a minute.

The wine capsules have been selected by a wine expert and at the moment, around 30 French wines are available including some great vintages from Burgundy and Bordeaux.

A tag on the flask inside the machine recognises the informations needed to serve the wine but it is also thanks to that same tag that users can learn more about the wine-maker's work on a dedicated app for smartphones.

It took the startup five years to create the machine and they left nothing to chance, from the speed the wine needs to be poured into the glass to the self-cleaning in between the two flasks.

The small company said that the first 300 machines have been sold in France, but that thanks to CES they're hoping to get new clients and to try the machine on American wines, working closely with the wine-makers from the Napa valley.

The machine is being sold for €499 (£375, $544) and the individual flasks are in between €2 and €16 (75p and £12).