Sony's CES will be very similar to the 2015 show. We are likely to see a press conference dominated by televisions as the company continues to invest heavily in 4K – or Ultra HD, as it is also known.

The 4K standard is finally starting to make some headway, with streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video offering the format, which is four times the resolution of Full HD. Several high-end smartphones on the market now also shoot in 4K, so 2016 might finally be the year that consumers start buying the screens, even if nothing is yet broadcast in 4K in the UK on a regular basis.

Sony will live-stream a video of its CES press conference on its website here. It begins at 5pm local (PT) time on 5 January (or 1am on 6 January GMT). IBTimes UK will be in Vegas to get hands-on when the company makes its big reveal.

Sony's televisions are likely to be bigger, brighter and thinner than ever, with more features, more intelligent controls and more integration with other Sony products, as well as being generally better in every way than their year-old predecessors. We also expect to see 4K hardware such as projectors and camcorders, plus 4K streaming boxes and perhaps some 4K Blu-ray players, too.

Playstation VR, the virtual-reality system for Sony's game console, could also get a mention. Set to launch in the first half of this year, it's about time we saw more from PS VR, although a price and specific release date might be missing in action for now.

Don't expect any new smartphone, however , as Sony tends to save those for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March and IFA in Berlin in September.