It all started out with the FlexPai from Royole, which was the first smartphone with a flexible display. Shortly thereafter, Samsung and Huawei followed with the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, respectively. Then, before 2019 ended, Motorola stole the show with its new Razr clamshell handset. These products prove that despite the limitations pointed out by industry analysts, foldable screens are here to stay. This was further supported by the influx of products on display at CES 2020, which implies that there are more to come in the future.

Even the most unexpected tech brands in attendance showcased several devices that were equipped with flexible touchscreen panels in one way or another. A report published by Mashable points out that while the technology is still indeed in its early stages, the more companies that invest research into it will make it even more accessible moving forward.

Being one of the biggest tech shows in 2020, it was the venue wherein the biggest names in the industry flaunted various platforms that will use flexible displays in various configurations. These range from laptops, smart speakers, mobile phones, and others more.

What’s your favorite piece of new tech as we kickstart 2020? #LenovoCES

— Lenovo (@Lenovo) January 8, 2020


There are two that garnered the most attention. One is the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold, Dell Ori Concept, and the Intel Horseshoe bend. While most of these are indicated as working prototypes, sources noted that the Chinese company is likely to release its foldable laptop sooner than the others

The future will be flexible!

Introducing the Mirage smart speaker in partnership w/ @CleerAudio
With an 8" AMOLED flexible display, powered by Amazon Alexa and with a @Qualcomm chip#CES2020

— Royole Europe (@Royole_Europe) January 6, 2020

Smart Speakers

Royole is back with the Mirage Smart Speaker alongside LG and a yet unnamed smart speaker of its own. What sets both apart from regular models is the wraparound touchscreen that occupies almost the entire body. The former is compatible with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, while the specifications of the latter are yet to be confirmed.

That’s a wrap for #CES2020 ! Thanks to all who made this the best #LGatCES to date. What was your favorite new tech you saw from LG this week?

— LG Electronics (@LGUS) January 11, 2020


LG makes an appearance once again to preview how far it has developed foldable display technology. Instead of teasing a smaller device, the company is touting bigger entertainment platforms such as a TV that can stay flat or bend at the user's command, a roll-up television that can drop down like a projector screen, and others more.


While Samsung did not feature a foldable smartphone at CES 2020, one report claims it previewed the upcoming follow-up to the Galaxy Fold in a closed-door presentation. Of course, Motorola was on hand to demo the Razr, which was allegedly delayed due to the overwhelming demand from consumers. Finally, TCL unexpectedly announced a foldable smartphone of its own that will rival its competitors when it comes to pricing.

TCL foldable phone
TCL foldable phone. Credit: YouTube/CNET