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Prime Minister’s Questions was disrupted by mystery robin UK Parliament/Mark Duffy

Ahead of the weekly edition of Prime Minister's Questions [PMQs], many MPs and guests in the House of Commons were left distracted by the sudden appearance of a robin.

The bird was spotted perched close to the press gallery and later seen flying around the galleries in the chamber.

The SNP MP Kirsty Blackman tweeted an image of the bird which appeared to be watching proceedings inside the house.

A House of Commons spokesman said: "A robin has been spotted in the chamber and it is being dealt with. It is not expected to impact on any House business."

If the creature had been expecting a bird's-eye view of another showdown between Prime Minister Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, then it would have been left disappointed.

With the PM on a tour of China, the weekly stand-off was left to the cabinet minister David Lidington and the shadow first secretary of state, Emily Thornberry.

The SNP leader in the house, Ian Blackford appeared to make a slight reference to the bird.

He suggested that Lidington may have been looking for a more permanent place at the despatch box with questions raised over May's future, Blackford said that there may be a "round robin" email on the matter.

May's future has been questioned amid ongoing internal rows in the Conservative party over her Brexit strategy.

In PMQs, Thornberry pressed Lidington on getting more women represented inside the House of Commons as well as a big push to get 16-year-olds the right to vote.

It comes after the Welsh government announced it would be mirroring the current Scottish policy to allow the age-group to vote at local elections.