Man allegedly cuts off penis in Chicago
The man reportedly cut his penis off before being tasered by police LiveLeak

A man has been arrested in Chicago who went on the rampage after he apparently cut off his own penis.

On Monday (24 July), the unidentified man was filmed walking down Grace Street and Drake Avenue, completely naked with blood around his groin area.

He was filmed walking up to a gate, swearing and shouting until a police car arrived at the scene.

He then ran towards the car, screaming at the officers who then tasered the man to the ground.

Despite being subdued by the taser, he was still filmed ranting and screaming from the pavement.

"Oh my god, bro. Shoot his a**", the man filming the video can be heard saying. "Shoot that mother f*****. This is a time when you shoot people."

A police van then turned up at the scene which prompted the man to get up again and walk towards them.

This resulted in a second taser being shot at his abdomen which caused him to fall back to the ground.

It is unknown why the man was acting in such a way, with some reports suggesting he may have been under the influence of drugs.

It also isn't clear to what extent he may have cut off his own penis.