We have learnt that Sir John Chilcot expects to publish his much awaited inquiry into the Iraq War in June or July of 2016. The announcement comes after much political pressure on the former civil servant to get his investigation out. Here IBTimes UK has broken-down some of the main facts that you need to know about the report.


Chilcot said in his letter to the prime minister that the report will be more than two million words long. That means the final document will be four times bigger than Tolstoy's War and Peace and more than double the size of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged.


The investigation is expected to draw on a staggering 200 cabinet and cabinet committee meetings.


Chilcot's report is 'much awaited' for good reason. The inquiry completed its last hearing in February 2011. With a publication date of summer 2016, that means it will have taken seven years to finish the report.


That's how many results you receive on Google when you type in 'Tony Blair and Chilcot'. The former Labour prime minister, who took the UK into the Iraq intervention in 2003, has become synonymous with the report.

Blair's office stressed that he wanted to make clear that the lengthy timetable of the inquiry was not his fault. The remarks come after Blair made a qualified apology on CNN for the war.


That's how many times Chilcot mentions the word "possible" in his letter to Cameron – something to bear in mind when we near the summer of 2016.