Dramatic footage filmed from a police motorbike in Chile shows a high speed road chase, as authorities capture three suspects believed responsible for a robbery in a shopping mall shortly before. The video, which has gone viral, shows police surrounding and shooting at a red car, before pulling a suspect out of the vehicle and taking him to the ground.

The incident on 25 April began at midday, when three individuals aged 16, 17 and 20, entered a watch shop in the Arauco Maipu Shopping Centre in greater Santiago, breaking the windows and threatening the attendants and robbing several items. They went on to attack a woman and steal her car to flee the scene.

"They told me to get out, I didn't want to give them my car. I think I kicked them twice. The guy punched me in the leg and got in the car and the other showed me a gun. When he showed me the gun, that was it," said the woman, who remained unnamed.

"The policemen tried every way they could to contain the criminals and try to get them out of the vehicle. As they refused and raised their weapons inside the vehicle, one of the policemen used his gun," Police Colonel, Roberto Saldivia told local media.

One of the suspects was admitted to hospital after having been shot, authorities informed, whilst the other two suspects were detained and two revolvers confiscated.