Alcoholic Baby Chimp
A video of an alcoholic Baby Chimp getting mad when his beer is taken from him has gone viral YouTube

Footage of an alcoholic baby chimpanzee lashing out after his beer is taken away has gone viral.

The 90-second clip, first posted on YouTube, has received hundreds of thousands of hits just hours after emerging online.

In the footage, the chimp is first seen drinking from what appears to be a beer bottle.

When the bottle is confiscated by a young man, the ape becomes angry. It begins to scream at the man and throwing its arms around violently.

When the alcohol is givien back, the temper tantrum stops abruptly and the chimp continues drinking.

The video is the latest in a line of animals displaying unpleasant human behaviour.

Tori, a smoking orang utan at a zoo in Solo in central Java, made headlines after she was moved to a small island to help her quit her 10-year habit.

She is said to have taught herself to smoke by mimicking humans.