Luxury hotels in China now have to think twice before boasting of the facilities they provide because they are under the watchful eyes of Zhuang and her friends.

Zhuang is one of the hotel test sleepers in China, selected for the job from the 7,800 candidates in 2010.

She is one of the three winners recruited by the Qunar, a Chinese travel website.

Her job involves testing the comfort of the major hotel chains by checking in as a traveller and tests each and every item in minute detail and write reviews about it.

"My job is to role-play travellers of different types, different ages and genders at different scenarios, and see how each hotel fits their particular needs," Reuters has quoted Zhuang as saying.

So far she has slept at over 200 hotels.

The job requires one to sleep at selected hotels without disclosing their real job and write expert reviews about the facilities, location, dining, services and prices of the hotels, in order to provide an independent third-party evaluation and an authoritative guide to travelers, the Reuters quoted the company as saying.

Take a look at Zhuang at work.