China launches new website for weapon procurement
China launches new website for weapon procurement

China has officially launched a website for military weapon procurement, as the government looks to bring transparency in the military department and to assist private companies to enter the defence market.

The website,, which was launched on 4 January, comes under the General Armament Department of the People's Liberation Army (PLA), and provides information on the country's weapon and armament needs, relevant policies, procurement notices, enterprise lists and technology.

Procurement information will be released on the first working day of every January and July, according to the website.

The official Xinhua news agency noted that private enterprises, military armament-purchasing departments and military industry groups as well as personnel can register on the website for consultation and further information.

The new online platform was established "to cement military and civilian integration and aims to accelerate steps in armament procurement system reform, break procurement barriers, improve competitiveness and promote efficiency," the official mouthpiece said citing the PLA General Armament Department.

The PLA, the world's largest army, has been trying to bring transparency in operations, as a number of top army officials were caught for corruption in China's ongoing anti-graft crackdown.

The officials, who include General Xu Caihou, former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, were accused of indulging in corruption in the procurement of supplies.

The army, which is handling an annual budget of over $132bn (£86bn, €110bn), is also undergoing massive modernisation.

Since 2014, the PLA issued a series of policies to improve military and civilian integration, market access, information exchange, supervision, and security.

It organised China's first "military and civilian integration forum" in May 2014, attracting more than 100 private enterprises that signed cooperation agreements with the army.