A man chopped off the testicles of four patients at a Chinese nursing home using a blunt razor blade, following a feud over leftover food.

The suspect was immediately taken into custody by the authorities.

The suspect castrated a 60-year-old mentally disabled man and removed one testicle each from two bedridden patients aged 53 and 80, the Xinhua news agency reported.

The man is believed to be in his 30's and mentally challenged.

According to the testimony of doctors and victims, the accused tied up the inpatients and "removed their private parts with a dull razor" in Heilongjiang province in China.

Xinhua reported that the victims identified the man as an employee at the home in Qinggang County, but that a staff member said he was a mentally disabled patient.

A report by the Beijing News newspaper confirmed that the man carried out the acts following a row over "leftover food". No further details were provided by the newspaper.

Authorities in the area are tight-lipped about the attack.

Conditions in many Chinese homes for the elderly and disabled are poor, with many establishments troubled by insufficient beds, funding and poor management, the AFP reported.