China is recording the "uncivilised behaviour" by Chinese tourists that negatively affects the country's image abroad.

The country's tourism agency announced that it will keep records of bad behaviour for two years in order to reduce a spate of incidents and prevent tourists from, among other things, destroying public infrastructures, causing disturbances on public transport and participating in gambling and prostitution.

"China's image has already been tarnished," Reuters quoted the China National Tourism Administration as saying. The agency also added that tourists' behaviour caused some people to "blush with shame" and that a lesson had to be taught to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Chinese tourists' actions will be monitored with the aid of local tourism bureaus, media reports and the general public. The agency has not commented regarding possible punishments.

The decision followed the case of a Chinese student who stirred controversy after he had scratched his name on the wall of an ancient temple in Luxor, Egypt, in 2013.

In a separate incident, a Chinese couple sparked outrage after they allowed their 2-year-old daughter to urinate in public in Hong Kong.