Chinese presenter
Longshang Channel newscaster Cui Jianbin was replaced after criticising government officials

A Chinese TV presenter has been replaced on air after criticising officials for being "wasteful and corrupt".

Longshang Channel newscaster Cui Jianbin was presenting a report on government bureaucrats who had built a luxury office in Hubei's Fangxian county – an area eligible for state poverty relief - South China Morning Post reported.

Cui was replaced after he lambasted the officials for spending large amounts of money despite the struggles of average citizens.

The presenter was interrupted, presumably by a staff member off-screen, and urged to leave the studio.

The original broadcast clip was cut to an advert after Cui left the studio.

A different reporter continued the broadcast after the advert.

The clip was uploaded to Sina Video website and posted on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, social network Weibo.

While Sina Video has deleted the clip, news of the episode quickly spread on Weibo, with people claiming that cutting Cui's speech was "an obvious case of censorship".

A Weibo hashtag about the incident attracted hundreds of comments.

"This is the power of public opinion," wrote one Weibo user, who supported Cui's stand. "Unfortunately, the media does not allow such fierce rhetoric to spread to the people, because the media has become...a tool and a propaganda mouthpiece."

Another said: "Many children's schools [in Hubei] are under renovation, but the [government officials] have money to go and build fancy offices? Those who have a conscience and a sense of responsibility should not allow such rampant corruption."

Other Weibo commentators did not support Cui, branding his behaviour unprofessional.

"The host of a programme like this needs to avoid uncontrollable emotions getting the better of him," wrote one user. "[Cui] lost his objective and impartial professionalism, so it's only natural that the television network would need to temporarily substitute [another reporter] for him."

Neither Cui nor Hubei Television were available for comments on the issue.

Cui wrote on his microblog: "I really didn't expect it to become such a big deal.

"I thank netizens [citizens of the internet] for their concerns. My job was not affected."

Cui admitted, however, that he had been reprimanded by his supervisors for "losing control of his emotions."