Chinese woman got pregnant 13 times to avoid jail sentence Reuters

A 39-year old woman got pregnant 13 times to avoid a jail sentence, after she was convicted of corruption charges, in northwestern China.

The convict, who was identified only by surname as Zeng, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2005. But, when the court learned about her pregnancy it gave her a probation decision at the time of conviction.

However, she later underwent an abortion after the probation decision and went on to pursue the tactic, reports the People's Daily. She was originally sentenced by Urumqi Intermediate People's Court in Xinjiang autonomous region.

Zeng claimed that she was pregnant 14 times, and just one of the instances was found to be untrue. When the Municipal Bureau of Justice found out that Zeng was deliberately using the ploy, it appealed the court and eventually put Zeng in prison.