A Chinese woman has been fined after she was caught trying to smuggle a puppy onto an aeroplane. According to local media reports, the woman wore a baby bump to show that she was pregnant and hid the animal inside her fake belly.

The unnamed woman was stopped by a security officer at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport in Hubei province on Thursday (11 January) after she passed through a scanner, Wuhan Evening News reported.

The woman's behaviour made the official suspicious and when she touched her "baby bump" it was clear that she was not pregnant and was trying to hide the puppy.

The airport police said that on Thursday they received a call at around 11am GMT saying that a "pregnant" woman has been detained on suspicion of carrying smuggled goods.

The woman, who was trying to board a flight to her hometown, was then made to remove the silicone prosthetic, which was taped to her midriff. On opening it, a tiny white month-old puppy was seen. She later confessed to the attempted deceit.

The lady told the officials that she had bought the fake belly after she went through an article about its uses and how that it could help her hide the puppy.

The incident became a topic of discussion on social media. While some users mocked the woman for smuggling a tiny puppy, the majority had very sweet responses to the whole act.

One social media user wrote, "This puppy is so lucky to have such an owner. What she did was much better than all those irresponsible dog owners out there."