Chris Brown
The singer reached out to a fan with words of encouragement Getty

Chris Brown has drawn from his life's experiences to offer support to a troubled fan. The r'n'b superstar encouraged a young lady to have faith after she sent him a direct message revealing she contemplated suicide on a daily basis.

He reached out in a lengthy message, where he revealed that although he had also "been there mentally", life was too beautiful to "check out early".

"I had faith in "God"! (not faith in people/humans)," he explained. " We all are lost and we all want to feel love, appreciation and joy!!! I battle with myself and my demons every day!!!!! Trust. Rich/poor doesn't matter!!! Self-doubt and public opinion clouds our thoughts!!!"

He went on to say that the world was mad and destructive and nobody had the answers. "We all will fail but that's actually the best part because it will give us hope to succeed. You think I just woke up famous, rich and carefree? You can create your own reality by choices. Observe people, good, bad, negative, positive."

The Loyal hitmaker, who doesn't normally engage with fans on social media, shared the interaction on his Instagram page by posting screenshots. "I see so many fans in meet in greets with cut marks, disabilities, etc. And they tell me how my music has saved their lives. This is the real f*ckin reason I will never stop making music and being me," he explained in the caption.

"You never know what people go through and feel. But the pain our world is going through every day has no super heroes. So, one day at a time, the little things or big things we do positively can 'save' the world. Change isn't instant. You might even take a step forward then three steps back. As long as light (Unconditional love) is still in you we have the free will to prosper!"

The Samaritans provide a free support service for those who need to talk to someone. The charity can be contacted through or on 08457 90 90 90, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call charges apply.