A scary video containing several potentially serious accidents at train stations has been released as a warning to those getting into the Christmas spirit this winter.

Network Rail, British Transport Police and the Rail Safety and Standards Board have come together to issue a plea to travellers using trains, particularly after festive events, to take extra care on the network.

In 2016/17, Network Rail revealed that 16% of all alcohol-related incidents took place during the festive period.

Over the past decade, 21 people have been killed due to alcohol-related incidents at train stations, with a further 91 seriously injured.

As part of the Clear Head Campaign, Network Rail has released a video showing the dangers of drinking and train stations.

There were also almost 500 incidents involving people as they attempted to board or alight from trains.

Allan Spence, head of public and passenger safety at Network Rail, said: "Though trains are the safest way to get around, passengers and people living near the railway must always remember that it can be a dangerous place.

"That's why we're reminding the public to remain alert to those dangers whilst they're having fun over the festive season."

Key areas that the groups have warned about as part of the Clear Head Campaign include safety at escalators and stairs, with intoxicated people falling down them.

Level crossings both for drivers and pedestrians were also identified as a key danger area, as well as individuals simply straying onto tracks.

Spence added: "Taking a short cut across the tracks, chancing it at level crossings or tripping at the platform edge can, at best cause delays to your journey; at worse it can result in serious harm. Enjoy yourself but don't let alcohol stop you or your fellow passengers from getting to where you need to be – keep a clear head."

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Network Rail has warned of the dangers about being drunk near train tracks iStock