Christopher Walken
Christopher Walken accused of not trying during his performance in NBC's Peter Pan Live. Reuters

Christopher Walken may have won an Oscar for his performance in the Deer Hunter, but his latest supporting act failed to live up to his usual standards.

The 71-year-old Hollywood actor, who took on the iconic character of Captain Hook in NBC's Peter Pan Live, became a trending topic on Twitter, after fans claimed that he put no effort into the performance.

Walken's narrow-range singing and lacklustre dancing quickly became talking points on social media. Some fans even pointed out his bad make-up, and even worse lip-syncing.

But it was not all bad. Plenty of Twitter users were thrilled to see him attempt tap dancing and some even hailed him as the saviour of the show.

Walken, who is married to casting director Georgianne Thon, is worth an estimated £30m. His movie credits include Catch Me If You Can, Wedding Crashers and Pulp Fiction. He is one of the most impersonated actors in Hollywood.