The Silver Chair will be the next film in The Chronicles of Narnia franchise. The last movie in the series — The Voyage of the Dawn Treader — released in 2010, after which the producers remained silent about the possibilities of another sequel.

Recently, producer Mark Gordon told Collider: "We're hoping to be able to make the movie very shortly. We're very excited about it." The news follows Gordon's 2013 announcement that his company had acquired the rights to produce the fourth movie in the fan-favourite series. Screenwriter David Magee had revealed in June 2015 that he had completed the draft for The Silver Chair.

However, contrary to fans' expectations, no original characters will appear in the movie. The producer explained The Silver Chair, instead of being a sequel, will be a complete reboot, which leaves no scope for any of the original cast members.

"It's all going to be a brand new franchise. All original. All original characters, different directors, and an entire new team that this is coming from."

Going by Gordon's remarks, it appears the movie will introduce a new voice for Aslan, the great lion. In the previous movies, actor Liam Neeson voiced the king of the mystical land of Narnia.

The Narnia movie franchise is based on the fantasy novels by C.S. Lewis. In the fourth book of the series, which begins decades after the events of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eustace Scrubb, a cousin to Edmund and Lucy Pevensie, enters the magical city with his friend Jill. The friends will meet Aslan, who will assign them the task of finding Prince Rilian, the lost son of King Caspian X.