The Swedish Church had a little explaining to do after it used a gif of Jesus in a Tweet about... tacos.

Tradition has it that Swedes eat tacos almost every Friday, during what is called: Taco Fredag. The Church of Sweden's official Twitter account decided to follow the tasty trend on Friday October 27, but not everyone found it delectable, reports the Local.

The tweet has the most important ingredient for a good meme: a hilarious gif. This particular one showed Jesus wiggling his fingers like Homer Simpson at an all-you-can-eat buffet. The rest of the tweet reads: "now it's FINALLY #TacoFriday."

But, although the tweet was liked more than 1,800 times since its publication, for some users, it left a bad taste.

"Completely distasteful and offensive," one aggravated user wrote. Another asked: "Idiotic. Do you believe in the man in the picture?" The Church's general answer was: "I believe in a God with humour."

However, most of the 262 replies turn the meme into a debate about the representation of Jesus, and whether God had a sense of humour. Some argue the image of Jesus, who, according to Christian faith, died on the cross to absolve mankind's sins, shouldn't be taken lightly, and addressed the gif as mocking Christ.

Others took the opportunity to address their personal grievances with the Christian Faith, with users asking if there was any other example of "God's sense of humour, other than 'child cancer.'"

Some even drew parallels between the humorous gif and Islam, defying the Church of Sweden's account to post pictures of prophet Mohammed, or tweet about Halal Friday next. Some mistakenly stated that the Church should not post any representation of Christ or God, but the Twitter account soon denied that it followed a picture ban.

Posting on social media is often a risky bet for official organisations or public figures. Some can easily appear tone-deaf in spite of the account's best efforts, or simply result in a total Twitter blunder.

On October 31, Great British Bake Off, Prue Leith inadvertently tweeted the winner of this year's competition, and faced the ire of thousand of fans. Thankfully, the beloved judge will not be fired over her mistake, because the producers of the show "love her so much."