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It can't be helped if fans of the turn-based strategy franchise are starting to wonder when the "Civilization VII" release date will arrive. After all, the most recent game of Sid Meier's Civilization series, "Civ 6," is quite a bit old as it was launched six years ago.

The good thing is that there's a good chance that "Civilization 7" is already under development While neither Firaxis Games nor 2K Games have officially confirmed the supposed sequel, there are hints that seem to suggest that production might have already started last year.

It looks like Firaxis Games finally wrapped up with producing "Civilization 6" content last year. The Anthology Edition has already been released in June, which includes the two major expansion packs, Gathering Storm and Rise and Fall, as well as the additional DLC content packs, PCGamer reported.

With the wrap-up of "Civilization 6," it's now high time for Firaxis Games to take on new projects. One of these might be its sequel or the highly anticipated "Civilization VII."

In fact, rumours that the development of "Civilization 7" is underway started to circulate last year, according to Clutchpoints.com. Apparently, those rumours were started by a job listing looking for a Narrative Lead posted by the developer.

"Firaxis Games is looking for a talented Narrative Lead to join our studio in developing our next AAA Strategy Title," the job description reads."This is an opportunity to join an established team behind some of the industry's most beloved franchises such as the XCOM and the Civilization series."

Of course, the description of an AAA Strategy Title might refer to an entirely new IP obtained by the developer. However, most Civilization fans are probably leaning toward the possibility that it could be referring to the much-awaited "Civilization VII." After all, it's not very easy finding a new AAA Strategy Title these days.

Most of the Civilization games of the past never really needed narrative teams working on them, which probably explains why the game is not the most historically accurate title out there. But then again, it's also a possibility that perhaps "Civilization 7" will be the first game of the franchise to need a narrative team working on it.