Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri kept his promise after his team's 1-0 victory against Crystal Palace on 24 October, and gave the players free pizza. The promise of pizza was for the team's first clean sheet.

At a press conference on 29 October, the Italian could not help but compare his club to a pizza saying: "What we are doing here is like a pizza. To do well you have to have the right ingredients. The first ingredient is team spirit. The second is that they enjoy a training session; they know they can work hard but also enjoy it. And also, a bit of luck is important. You have to work hard, you have to do everything right, but also like a salt, a little luck is good."

When asked what the fans represented to the club, Ranieri said: "They're the tomato, without tomato there's no pizza."

Leicester face West Bromwich Albion away in their next Premier League game on Saturday (31 October).