The Big Lebowski has become a huge cult hit since its 1998 release, and fans of the movie have always held out the hope that there would one day be a sequel. It didn't exactly make a killing at the box-office, earning $46.2m worldwide (£31.7m), but found its following on DVD. However, much to our disappointment, the filmmakers behind it, Joel and Ethan Coen, have confirmed that it'll never happen.

"Tara Reid [who starred as Bunny Lebowski] likes to announce it [the sequel] just like Clooney likes to announce Hail, Caesar," Joel recently admitted in an interview with Variety. "In this case, I don't think we'll oblige." When asked by reporters whether they could even envisage a spin-off of the character Jesus, played by one of their favoured actors John Turturro, Ethan simply replied: "No".

Barton Fink
Barton Fink starred John Turturro (left) as Barton and John Goodman Twentieth Century Fox

However, even though it seems pretty certain they won't follow up The Big Lebowski, the Minnesota-born brothers are eyeing up a second instalment for another of their films. "We're going to do a Barton Fink sequel at some point. It's going to be [John] Turturro in Berkeley in the 1960s," Ethan explained, citing the 1991 picture about a 1940s playwright who tries to make it in Hollywood.

"That's the one movie that we thought deserved a sequel, called Old Fink. But we don't want to do it until Turturro is quite old. He's getting there."

One Coen brothers property that has been continued is Noah Hawley's small-screen adaptation of their 1996 film Fargo. The first two seasons, which the duo executive produced, were both critical and commercial successes, and a third is already set to be broadcast sometime in 2017.

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